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en in visions, a being purely astral."β€”[[/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/remarks-on-the-method-of-receiving-liber-legis]]
Aeon of Horus
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[[/crowley/confessions/chapter49]] * [[/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/remarks-on-the-method-of-receiving-liber-legis]]
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the record of their dealings with that entity in Equinox IV-2. As a result of this communication they went... us water to a vast studio opening northwards. The gods took no chances. They meant me to live there and ... X. through the seer Ouarda is to be found in β€œThe Equinox” No. VII of Vol. I.) * [[/crowley/confessions/c
Abramelin operation
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[/crowley/equinox/i/iv/eqi04011j]] * [[/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/the-sacred-magic-of-abramelin-the-mage]] [[/pt/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/the-sacred-magic-of-abramelin-the-mage|PT]] * [
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he Candidate; he partakes of the Truth of all the Gods initiating."β€”[[/crowley/the-vision-and-the-voice/... = References ==== * [[/crowley/the-vision-and-the-voice/aethyr19]] * [[/crowley/equinox/i/v/eqi05016]]
Aleister Crowley
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ets Aldous Huxley. | | 1937 | Publication of The Equinox of the Gods. | | 1938 | Eight Lectures on Yoga. | | 1940-45