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The Zo√ętic Grimoire of Zos
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o, the apotheosis of Knowledge in ecstasy: In the Gods and eternal flesh as all truth: That my way is th... ickness and deaths, for we are within the magical equinox. Amen We who proudly make unto ourselves every ... ave great copulations and are allowed to love our Gods, for we know the Sacred Alignments. Amen We who... N CREED OF THE ARRIVIST: I am God, and all other gods are my imagery. I gave birth to myself. I am mill
The Sorceries of Zos
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eople the earth; the Great Old Ones and the Elder Gods find echoes in the myths and legends of all peopl... Dawn rituals- published shortly afterwards in The Equinox<sup>[[sorceries#fn14|14]]</sup>- may have been av