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a circular island upon which is the "City of the Gods," which is supposed to be a perfect square guarde... ater and more material were inspired by the Solar gods, these were dual-sexed or hermaphrodite, as many ... dern application. We find the name as one of the gods of the ancient Babylonians, and the late Doctor K... ed by the priests. Before any King, a dynasty of gods ruled in Egypt; the First of these were the 8 gre
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Himalayan source of the Ganges, “the abode of the Gods.” The Persian Avesta seems to point to the northe... and offer live victims in sacrifice to their {24} gods; and are essentially either of a Mongolian or Tur... t is wonderful the analogy which the names of the gods of Ireland—Axire, Axceavis, Coismaoil, Cabir, bea... s, or Assidiana, were Culdees. The chief British gods were Hu and Ceridwen, or the Ouranos and Ghe of t