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Chapter 65
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lly taken up with the preparation of //[[/crowley/equinox/|The Equinox]]//. I had to be constantly seeing Fuller, who was editing my Magical Records and the vast ma... e publication of the first number of //[[/crowley/equinox/i/i/The Equinox]]//. There was, besides, much work to be done in reorganizing the order, to which many peo
Chapter 64
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task which I had undertaken in publishing //[[../equinox/|The Equinox]]//, by fortifying myself with as much magical force as I might be able to invoke. The result... uce phenomenal phantasms of almost any idea, from gods to demons, which I happened to need at the moment... appear ridiculous. (Neuburg! Ridiculous! O all ye gods and little fishes!) I, being responsible for him
Chapter 60
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e Soldier and the Hunchback, ! and ?]] and //[[../equinox/i/ii/eqi02004|//The Psychology of Hashish]]//. Th... rld the story of my magical career in "[[/crowley/equinox/i/vii/eqi01014|The Temple of Solomon the King]]",... ript had been lost! As the sequel will show, the gods knew when to lay their hands on it. I surrendered... h as to fail with age. The first edition of "[[../equinox/|The Equinox]]" tends to fall apart at the touch!
Chapter 59
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The entry of April 24th shows how admirably the gods arrange one's affairs. One may have a perfectly r... y see to their knees. "Would not knowledge of the gods suffice?" "No!" said I. It was then pointed out t... , "I am not your headman: I am a messenger of the gods." He began, however, in a very shamefaced, sheepi... D.D.S. came to see me: we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox and reconstructed the old Neophyte Ritual of the
Chapter 96
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ding me. Once again I perceived the design of the gods. The time was not ripe. He wrote me a letter whi... requisite. Raoul was less unlucky. How could the gods help loving him, who in so many ways partook of t... ome constantly more difficult to keep afloat. The gods have taught me to trust them absolutely to provid... does my faith falter for a few hours. Perhaps the gods intend to insist on my acquiring the power to tri
Chapter 93
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d my highest hope. I showed her how to invoke the gods, and to banish evil and malignant entities that h... o assist me in obtaining the word of the autumnal equinox. She made good. The word was given by her as "THI
Chapter 92
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ank Hollings to frighten him out of selling //The Equinox//, though no complaint had ever been made about i... d at one time edited by poor crazy Dartnell. The gods had certainly started a new drama. The accident o... fly, so as to give as good as I got. However, the gods have their own ideas. I now put forward my schem
Chapter 90
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s would let her (they lasted till 1922). Alas for gods whose wings are clipped by love and their feet ho... his scanty savings he had bought a set of //[[../equinox/|The Equinox]]// for a hundred dollars and several other expensive items. He grudged his time as little as... e from adjusting the solar system and showing the gods how to run the universe, any recalcitrant deity b
Chapter 81
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neness of the discovery. Every six months, at the equinoxes, it becomes my duty to obtain a word from the gods, whose symbolic meaning indicates the events of i... der which will occur in the course of the ensuing equinox. (For instance, in the autumn of 1918, the word ... the 11th month of the year.) Now, the word of the equinox in which this Key was discovered was SAC. I was g... //the International//, New York, thirdly in //The Equinox//, [[/crowley/equinox/iii/i/|vol. III, no. i]], a
Chapter 74
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left it. The tenth and last number of [[/crowley/equinox/|//The Equinox//]] was published in due course. There was a certain pride in having triumphed over such op... en bound by the sheer necessity of producing [[../equinox/index.html|//The Equinox//]] on definite dates. I began to pay more attention to my own personal progress.
Chapter 71
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llows: <WRAP indent> Creation and destruction of gods has been for centuries mankind's favourite religi... I have ever written belongs to 1912, "[[/crowley/equinox/i/ix/eqi09017|The Testament of Magdalen Blair]]".... the impulse of my personality. I could invoke the gods into her; I could not teach her to invoke them he
Chapter 68
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erally aghast. To me a book is a message from the gods to mankind; or, if not, should never be published... cially, socially or otherwise? A message from the gods should be delivered at once. It is damnably blasp... ation. The idea of my proposed play, //[[/crowley/equinox/i/vi/eqi06013|The Scorpion]]//, sprang into life ... g the essay on the Cabbala which appears in //The Equinox// [[/crowley/equinox/i/v/eqi05001|Vol. I, No. v.]
Chapter 61
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o think about the general formulae of "[[/crowley/equinox/i/ix/eqi09005|Energized Enthusiasm]]". The practi... prophets of old had succeeded in inventing their gods, neither personal nor universal, but representing
Chapter 58
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tigation and criticism at their disposal, called "gods", "archangels", "spirits" and he like. I began t... of all such dragons, but I am convinced that the gods deliberately kept me away from seeking the soluti... . //The Book of the Law// was to my hand, but the gods themselves had hardened my heart against it. I ha... in an earlier chapter. I quote from //[[/crowley/equinox/i/viii/eqi08005|The Temple of Solomon the King]]/
Chapter 49
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ion was a startling success. I was told that "The Equinox of the Gods had come"; that is, that a new epoch had begun. I... en Dawn prepared me for the New Aeon; for, at the Equinox, the officer who represented Horus in the West to
Chapter 44
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Chapter 67
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Chapter 26
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Chapter 72
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