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e Outer, let us celebrate the Festival of the : : Equinox.! .Autumnal. "All rise." "Ht." Frater Kerux, proclaim the fac... and to the V.H.Ht., I proclaim the . Vernal . : : Equinox, and declare that the Pass Word ------ is abrogated. .Autumnal. "Ht." Let us, according to ancient custom, consecrate the return of the . Vernal . : : Equinox. .Autumnal. Light. "Hs." Darkness. "Ht." East. "Hs." West. "... I command . Vernal . you to declare that the : : Equinox has returned, and that ----- is .Autumnal. the Password for the next six months. "K." In th