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ee! Glory to thee!\\ > Venus Callipyge, mother of me.\\ > \\ > Thou art the fair, the wise, the divine... \ > Venus Callipyge, mother of mine\\ > \\ > Give me the strength of a panther,\\ > the tiger's sinuou... rely the laurel and crown have faded\\ > and left me alone\\ > Vainly I cry in the sunlight;\\ > moon ... before// **Venus**//]//\\ > Thou, thou hast left me no sorrow\\ > Days and desires, what are these?\\
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ther exploration. The anonymous poster known as "me" (not me!) addressed [[|the Reverend Rob]], saying: "There is no... e biggest moment of shatter I've had mentioned to me by friends and colleagues is for those who subcon... my isolation...perhaps my lack of community lends me strength. Perhaps the Hermits path can teach me l
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or our 'Massimo Introvigne link of the week,' let me recommend his recent address to this year's Engel... as religion does. A better candidate, it seems to me, is gnosis.\\\\ \\\\ So what I see as the future ... l know what discipline can step to the plate, and fill the vaccuum left by 'religion'. I am an atheist, ... going to die on its own. Something will have to //kill// it, and that will almost certainly involve some
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.html|a recent //Beast Bay// thread]], it started me speculating about the potential of the imaginary ... Thelema. The first thing that comes to mind for me is that there is a distinction between the propag... a Thelemic eumemics. This train of thought leads me to the curious conclusion that the propagation of... ] on Friday May 11, @12:48PM\\ It has occured to me recently how much of Thelema is composed within t
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xt where someone who's just heard of Thelema asks me what it is. Of course I always say whatever seems proper to me at the time. Recently I said, "Thelema is the rel... still don't know,\\ but "Do what thou wilt" me is a perscription\\ to write, carve, mold, paint ... to write as i will, with all my will, and that to me is Thelema!...not an easy sort of knowledge!\\ \
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ophile, Rapist, Mass Murdere, &c.\\\\ \\\\ So let me see if I've got this straight: we may legitimately kill those who undermine the social fabric, not becaus... in favor of one's own. Few people would object to me ending the life of someone who is attempting to kill my child, but most people object to the assassina... 's an interesting question in itself. It seems to me that consumerist culture is the decadent remains ... helemic good is the evil of the old aeon seems to me to be particularly misleading**"?\\\\ \\| |\\
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September 28, @09:30AM\\ Hello.\\ \\ It troubles me that you would automatically label the ordeals of... seriousness or pressure on himself. Which reminds me, "we're here to have fun."\\ \\ The problem signs... | |does that sort of manifest as, 'kill yourself for God' and that is where the ordeal be... only beg other traditions to suggest something to fill the hole.\\\\ \\\\ So as not to be as completely
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n through\\ To stir me or still me!\\ Aum! let it fill me!\\ \\ So that thy light is in me + its red flame ... her raise herself up in pride. Let her follow in me in my way. Let her work the work of wickedness! Let her kill her heart! let her be loud and adulterous; let he... bolder than this. I spit in thy face! Do you love me still? Ha! I care not! I love me, that is enough, for I am better than you!\\ \\ Then will I lift her