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Book 4, Part II
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plunged into the side or heart of the Magician to fill the Holy Cup. Those faculties which come between ... hings which hamper the self? It is not suicide to kill the germs of malaria in one's blood. Now there a... ma there is only one animal which the people will kill, Russell's Viper; because, as they say, "either you must kill it or it will kill you"; and it is a question of
Introduction and Theorems
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ly, each in his or her own proper function.\\ Let me explain in a few words how it came about that I b... GICK**\\ upon the Banner that I have borne before me all my life.\\ Before I touched my teens, I was a... have kept my Word.\\ But the time is now come for me to carry my banner into the thick of the press of... dynamos. The vibrations of the air may be used to kill men by so ordering them in speech so as to inflam
Book 4
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aples by that Brother of the A∴A∴ who appeared to me in Zurich. Any point which was obscure to me was cleared up in some new discourse (the discourses hav... at religious teachers. Others have said: "Believe me!" He says:"//Don't// believe me!" He does not ask for followers; would despise and refuse them. He wa