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d: or closer yet, And link about my neck, and kill me so! THIRD MAENAD. Soul of... In torrents of rapture; It shall flood me, and fill, and possess. For brighter from age unto a... om without ye may see All the beauty of me, And my lips, that their kisses are kind.... O lovers! O poets! O masters Of me, ye may ravish my frown! Aloof from my shoc
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BLANCHE. Then oh, sir! marry me! You shall never see me again, and I will -- yes! I will -- kill myself, and you shall be free and happy again. I... clings to his knees."] I do! I do! I will not kill myself, but I will make you love me --- DENYS. A harder task... m drips This heart's blood; you have fed your fill on me. I am exhaust, a pale, wan phantom floating ... r grasp tighten round my ribs until You crush me in the ecstasies that kill. Being away and breathing icy air I am ha
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ll of; this is Eden still. Awake, O Love! and let me drink my fill Of thee -- and thou of me! ... f tender sleep Into exasperate love! Bend close! Fill me, thy golden rose, With dew of thy dear kisses! ... f Love weaves Fresh nets of gossamer for thee and me. O take not back thy lips, even to sing! {40B} ... ANGELA. Die, then, and kiss me dead! SIR PERCY. I die! I d