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The Opium-Smoker
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\\ Down in the dusk with the dead Galilean: ---\\ Fill me the Cup of the poppy Circean! ==== II ==== Hard... nse by the poppy-perfume. {191} Boy, as you love me, I charge you to fold\\ Pipe over pipe into garde... soul in the sheath of its tomb. Boy, as you love me, I charge you to mould\\ Pipe after pipe, till th... O but the stars of it stagger and shiver! Leave me in peace, O disaster of light!\\ Leave me to soli
The Psychology of Hashish
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mes and all races. It may fairly be retorted upon me that this unique qualification of mine is the ver... intoxication considered as a key to knowledge let me begin, for from that side did I myself first susp... point where my travels in India had familiarised me with their systems of meditation and with the fac... st before the dawn. Meditation therefore annoyed me, as tightening and constricting the soul. I began
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-nose-sings-at-will." That power has been granted me ever since I felt a strong impulse to kill my {359} wife with an axe. I mastered my impulse,... my own right arm. Having no arm, I could no more kill my wife with an axe. God rewarded me by giving me the power of reading thought, which constitutes a... e. Two young kittens had placed all their hope in me, and I was failing to fill my paternal duty towards them. I was working at m... houghts, and try afterwards to get another one to fill his place. His {380} hint about my wives suggested to me that I might soon have a child whom I could bring
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s story is the only one out of the scores told to me in which the seal may be said to take the offensi... s on seals once, but the story he gives is new to me and I have translated it and curtailed it from th... chaoin chaidrich, Spog Fhienngala, Speg me ghille fada fienna --- gheala, 'S minig a bh... irit from the vasty deep," and {346} resolving to kill her, hurried off for his weapons. She saw him, fl