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Chapter 61 @crowley:confessions
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son for my frequenting him was that he understood me, and one of my weaknesses is my bitter need of su... the most learned men in his line. He had supplied me with ingredients for some of my magical preparati... icked", but his brain. One evening Whineray told me that a gentleman, whom I will call the Earl of Coke and Crankum, wished to meet me, having need of my magical help. I agreed. At tha
The Opium-Smoker @crowley:equinox:i:ii
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\\ Down in the dusk with the dead Galilean: ---\\ Fill me the Cup of the poppy Circean! ==== II ==== Hard... nse by the poppy-perfume. {191} Boy, as you love me, I charge you to fold\\ Pipe over pipe into garde... soul in the sheath of its tomb. Boy, as you love me, I charge you to mould\\ Pipe after pipe, till th... O but the stars of it stagger and shiver! Leave me in peace, O disaster of light!\\ Leave me to soli
An Appeal to the American Republic @crowley:collected-works:i
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lee Foam-heads and blusterous waves, give ear to me, And O thou thunder, follow hard behind! O womb... — Swords sharp to slay, when vengeance must its fill Drink of the bloody rill Wherein men lave their mouths, arise and smite and kill. Listen all lands, and wonder! For the night Ro
Book 4, Part II @crowley:book-4
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plunged into the side or heart of the Magician to fill the Holy Cup. Those faculties which come between ... hings which hamper the self? It is not suicide to kill the germs of malaria in one's blood. Now there a... ma there is only one animal which the people will kill, Russell's Viper; because, as they say, "either you must kill it or it will kill you"; and it is a question of
Dedicace @crowley:white-stains
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pain dies In deadly passion. Ah! you come - you kill me!\\ Christ! God! Bite! Bite! Ah Bite! Love’s fountains fill me. [12] \\ [[preface|Previous]] | [[index|Index]]
The Scrutinies of Simon Iff by Edward Kelly @crowley:international:xi:11
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fix! I was her slave. She tortured and enraptured me by day and night. At this moment I would kill myself to please her whim. She has delighted to make me do degrading and horrible things; she has paid me for a week of agony with a kiss or a smile; she ——”... there was no murder, after all. I want you to let me take Fisher away with me; I’m going to put him wi
The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw @crowley:libers
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y George Barnard Shaw]] </WRAP> ".... I had with me a copy of BERNARD SHAW's "ANDROCLES AND THE LION"... still find almost any text that may be quoted to me in a few minutes search. This of course was aided... 29th verse, "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall f... d spake unto them, saying All power is given unto me in heaven and on earth. Go ye therefore, and teac
The Atu (Keys or Trumps) @crowley:book-of-thoth
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a stranger, a foreigner; what is more, he had to kill the old king and marry that king's daughter. This... e Vision and the Voice,// page 136: "It is shown me that this heart is the heart that rejoiceth, and ... issues, perfectly elastic, sublimely Protean, to fill every interstice of the Universe of Manifestation... Sphinx. O my Son, yester Eve came the Spirit upon me that I also should eat the Grass of the Arabians,
Liber AL vel Legis sub figurâ CCXX as Delivered by XCIII = 418 unto DCLXVI @crowley:libers
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h .. To stir me or still me! ..   Aum! let it fill me! .. -- <span #iii.38></span>So that thy ligh... ut let her raise herself in pride! Let her follow me in my way! Let her work the work of wickedness! Let her kill her heart! Let her be loud and adulterous! Let he... mightier than all the kings of the earth. I will fill her with joy: with my force shall she see & strik... or Lord of the Forties: the Eighties cower before me, & are abased. I will bring you to victory & joy:
The Psychology of Hashish @crowley:equinox:i:ii
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mes and all races. It may fairly be retorted upon me that this unique qualification of mine is the ver... intoxication considered as a key to knowledge let me begin, for from that side did I myself first susp... point where my travels in India had familiarised me with their systems of meditation and with the fac... st before the dawn. Meditation therefore annoyed me, as tightening and constricting the soul. I began
John St. John the Record of the Magical Retirement of G. H. Frater, O∴ M∴ @crowley:equinox:i:i
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Well, all this is dog-faced demon, ever seducing me from the Sacred Mysteries. I can’t go out and kill anybody at this time o’night! We might make a sta... nes. The Winding of the Way must necessarily lead me just where it may happen to go. Why deliberately ... open, so that she was inside on my return.\\ Let me get into Asana. \\ ==== The Fifth Day ==== 12... be Penelope. Ah Lord Adonai, my Lord! Grant unto me the Perfume and the Vision; let me attain the des
Household Gods @crowley:household-gods
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t one muscle for a moment. Death! You beast, you kill me with your urgent breath.   CRASSUS. O how I lo... at the right time!   CRASSUS. Why do you taunt me? All the wood is spring’s, And love is hovering ... is fitting Now I’m a mole. Do you think you know me now? Here is the earthworm severed by the plough... mering a flute.   CRASSUS. Oh love, love, kiss me!   ALICIA. I will forge a ring Of bloom of bl
Introduction and Theorems @crowley:book-4
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ly, each in his or her own proper function.\\ Let me explain in a few words how it came about that I b... GICK**\\ upon the Banner that I have borne before me all my life.\\ Before I touched my teens, I was a... have kept my Word.\\ But the time is now come for me to carry my banner into the thick of the press of... dynamos. The vibrations of the air may be used to kill men by so ordering them in speech so as to inflam
THE RAPE OF DEATH. @crowley:collected-works:i
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y face, And feeling the long sword sweep out and kill, Till there was won the slippery path, the place. Whence I might sever the white cords, and fill The ship with tangled wreckage of the sail. All... t weep; I cannot weep; I turn And watch the sail fill with the wind that sighs {124A} \\ A little for... ead love; back, desiring so That they had killed me, for I cannot weep. They killed her, and a mist
THE MOTHERS’S TRAGEDY. @crowley:collected-works:i
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ll me, dear friend! anxiety and love Are like to kill me. Tell me in three words. \\ CORA (//slowly and deliberat... t is broken. This will murder thine. \\ ULRIC. Kill, but not torture! Let me know the truth. \\ CORA. This shaft is aimed e... m bound a slave To this wild passion. I will eat me up. \\ CORA. You cannot guess the horror that ... hat have I not done? Have Thou pity yet; Sustain me in this vile extremity! \\ [//He prays silently
The Amalantrah Working. Liber XCVII. @crowley:libers
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Book 4 @crowley:book-4
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Bagh I Muattar @crowley:bagh-i-muattar
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Chapter 75 @crowley:confessions
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Liber XLVI The Key of the Mysteries @crowley:libers
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John St. John @crowley:libers
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ALICE: AN ADULTERY @crowley:collected-works:ii
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ORACLES @crowley:collected-works:ii
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TANNHÄUSER @crowley:collected-works:i
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The Court of the Profane @crowley:collected-works:i
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COCAINE @crowley:international:xi:10
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CHAPTER IX @crowley:moonchild
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eqi10018-whole @crowley:equinox:i:x
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LIBER L. VEL @crowley:equinox:i:x
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eqi07027 @crowley:equinox:i:vii
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ADONIS @crowley:equinox:i:vii
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THE SCORPION @crowley:equinox:i:vi
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eqi05016 @crowley:equinox:i:v
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eqi09022 @crowley:equinox:i:ix
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THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON THE KING @crowley:equinox:i:iv
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THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON THE KING @crowley:equinox:i:iv
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THE MAN-COVER @crowley:equinox:i:ii
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AMONGST THE MERMAIDS @crowley:equinox:i:ii
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collected-v3.3 @crowley:collected-works:iii
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collected-v3.2 @crowley:collected-works:iii
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collected-v3.1 @crowley:collected-works:iii
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collected-v1.2 @crowley:collected-works:i
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