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De Lege Libellum
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leth him, or the clouds upon her face. </p><p>Let me then declare unto you this Mystery of the Law, as it hath been made known unto me in divers places, upon the mountains and in the d... be the centre of your own being, they must needs fill you with their secret goodness. And these four ar... he realization of his True Self. Of this Will let me therefore speak clearly unto all, since it pertai
The Djeridensis Working
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agreed to accept the task they wished to lay upon me. “If I am to fill my office as I should, I must have first attained... exceed!</b> </p> <dl><dd> Aiwass hastens to warn me that I must not take these words to mean that we ... all expound it. But remember, o chose none, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven;... to furnish proof that the man destined to succeed me is my rightful heir. The test is that he is able
The Book of the Law
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.. To stir me or still me! .. \_\_ Aum! let it fill me! -- So that thy light is in me; & its red flame... ut let her raise herself in pride! Let her follow me in my way! Let her work the work of wickedness! Let her kill her heart! Let her be loud and adulterous! Let he... mightier than all the kings of the earth. I will fill her with joy: with my force shall she see & strik... or Lord of the Forties: the Eighties cower before me, & are abased. I will bring you to victory & joy: