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The Black Arts
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een mind and soul, peer into the beyond. “Follow me,” cries the priest, the king, the lawyer and the ... sness. Some are pleasant to look upon, and others fill our nostrils with their stench. Thus are angels a... rds: Urndu-Gar-Ug-Ga Ur-Sag An-Na-Ge\\ Za-Pa-Ram Me-Ne-A-Ni Hu-Luh-Ha\\ Gar-Hul Ba-Ab-Sir-Ra Su-U-Me-Ti\\ Ki Za-Pa-Ram Sum-Mu U-Me-Ni-De-A Dah-Zu-Hi-A\\
The Virgin @fuller:star-in-the-west
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masters the grey snake.\\ Awake, O Love! and let me drink my fill\\ Of thee – and thou of me!((Why Jesus Wept, vol.... d Love!((Tannhäuser, vol. i. p. 239.)) </WRAP> “Kill me,” cries Tannhäuser. “In the kiss,” answers Venus... s— fiend! atheist! devil! are hurled at his head; kill him! Crucify him! death! death! But Tannhäuser s... indent> \_ \_ \_ \_ \_ \_ So he \\ Cried out upon me, “Till this barren staff\\ Take life, and bud, an