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The Seventh Letter @texts:plato
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TIVES AND FRIENDS OF DION. WELFARE. You write to me that I must consider your views the same as those of Dion, and you urge me to aid your cause so far as I can in word and dee... d acquaintances of mine, and they at once invited me to share in their doings, as something to which I had a claim. The effect on me was not surprising in the case of a young man. I
Symposium by Plato @texts:plato
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one of my acquaintance, who had caught a sight of me from behind, hind, out playfully in the distance,... , the son of Philip, told another person who told me of them; his narrative was very indistinct, but h... aid that you knew, and I wish that you would give me an account of them. Who, if not you, should be th... orter of the words of your friend? And first tell me, he said, were you present at this meeting? Your