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John St. John @crowley:libers
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Well, all this is dog-faced demon, ever seducing me from the Sacred Mysteries. I can't go out and kill anybody at this time o'night! We might make a sta... nes. The Winding of the Way must necessarily lead me just where it may happen to go. Why deliberately ... open, so that she was inside on my return.\\ Let me get into Asana. \\ ==== The Fifth Day ==== 12... be Penelope. Ah Lord Adonai, my Lord! Grant unto me the Perfume and the Vision; let me attain the des
The Djeridensis Working @eidolons
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agreed to accept the task they wished to lay upon me. “If I am to fill my office as I should, I must have first attained... exceed!</b> </p> <dl><dd> Aiwass hastens to warn me that I must not take these words to mean that we ... all expound it. But remember, o chose none, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven;... to furnish proof that the man destined to succeed me is my rightful heir. The test is that he is able
Chapter III @legis:magical-philosophical-commentaries
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n through\\ To stir me or still me!\\ Aum! let it fill me!" THE NEW COMMENT. Stanza 3 suggests the Rosicr... ut let her raise herself in pride! Let her follow me in my way! Let her work the work of wickedness! Let her kill her heart! Let her be loud and adulterous! Let he... /Liber XCVII// which deals with this fully. “Let me strictly meditate this hate of the mother. M R is the Sanskrit root = “Kill,” hence Mara, Mors, Maria, and I suppose Meer, Me... Point of Our Holy Law. Thus though Nuit cries “To me!” that is balanced by the Formula of Hadit. ‘“Com
Big Game @crowley:simon-iff
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. Her answer was equally sweet and to the point. ‘Kill the old man—I’ll cover your tracks; marry the old girl; and meet me at our old trysting-place at midnight a year from... that he was guilty. “A moment later he confirmed me. I suggested that a man like himself might kill for such a motive as pride; and he replied that h
Chapter 61 @crowley:confessions
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son for my frequenting him was that he understood me, and one of my weaknesses is my bitter need of su... the most learned men in his line. He had supplied me with ingredients for some of my magical preparati... icked", but his brain. One evening Whineray told me that a gentleman, whom I will call the Earl of Coke and Crankum, wished to meet me, having need of my magical help. I agreed. At tha
The Opium-Smoker @crowley:equinox:i:ii
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\\ Down in the dusk with the dead Galilean: ---\\ Fill me the Cup of the poppy Circean! ==== II ==== Hard... nse by the poppy-perfume. {191} Boy, as you love me, I charge you to fold\\ Pipe over pipe into garde... soul in the sheath of its tomb. Boy, as you love me, I charge you to mould\\ Pipe after pipe, till th... O but the stars of it stagger and shiver! Leave me in peace, O disaster of light!\\ Leave me to soli
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age/|FAILURE SUCCESS COURAGE]] * [[/information/fill-me-kill-me/|FILL ME KILL ME]] * [[/information/freedom-is-in-peril/|FREEDOM... TASY MY JOY]] * [[/information/my-life-with-the-fill-kill-kult/|MY LIFE WITH THE FILL KILL KULT]] * [[/information/new-heaven-new-earth/|N... CESS IS YOUR PROOF]] * [[/information/take-your-fill-of-love/|TAKE YOUR FILL OF LOVE]] * [[/information/thanksgiving/|THANKSGIVING]] * [[/information/th
De Lege Libellum @eidolons
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leth him, or the clouds upon her face. </p><p>Let me then declare unto you this Mystery of the Law, as it hath been made known unto me in divers places, upon the mountains and in the d... be the centre of your own being, they must needs fill you with their secret goodness. And these four ar... he realization of his True Self. Of this Will let me therefore speak clearly unto all, since it pertai