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The Scrutinies of Simon Iff by Edward Kelly
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fix! I was her slave. She tortured and enraptured me by day and night. At this moment I would kill myself to please her whim. She has delighted to m... and and tore the soul out of her lover before she killed herself; Jane Forster drove a worthy lawyer to melancholy madness. Of their lesser victims, mere broken hearts and so on, there is no count. Edith Harc... there was no murder, after all. I want you to let me take Fisher away with me; I’m going to put him wi
The Hearth
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ter of the king, and secure the new blood and the merit by vesting its power in her consort, the man w... he royal faculties by an annual test of physical, mental, and moral fitness. — Contr. Ed. Int.) ==== ... orks of nature; and in particular he must provide men with fire. Thus the hearth of blazing oak-boughs... e flame shot in a rose-gold pyramid into the air. Meanwhile the King had opened the door of the hut, c