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The Virgin
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masters the grey snake.\\ Awake, O Love! and let me drink my fill\\ Of thee – and thou of me!((Why Jesus Wept, vol.... d Love!((Tannhäuser, vol. i. p. 239.)) </WRAP> “Kill me,” cries Tannhäuser. “In the kiss,” answers Venus... t> Were it not only that the selflessness \\ That fills me now, forbids the personal, \\ Casts out the indiv
The Looking-Glass
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satire, sonorous heroics and blank verse at times merge into the most raucous of Hudibrasian doggerel,... s are flung around us, and the hot kisses of some Messaline suffocate our very breath, leading us into... f those who are born children by the daughters of men to the sons of God, sweet as that mystic fruit w... f his ideal realized. By soul we naturally do not mean a haloed fowl strumming dithyrambs on a harp, o