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isiting that country some years ago, the lakes of Killarney and many other places seemed very familiar to me, and I remembered certain events in the history o... esence. His influence pervaded my whole being and filled me with a sensation of indescribable bliss which las... ed for several days. This power, awakening within me a higher state of consciousness made me feel on such occasions as if it were my own and I the Master
The Dangers of Occultism
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miracles worked both ways; for, the best kind of medicine for effecting a cure may, if misapplied, also become a poison that kills, and the two, great enemies of mankind, stupidit... ological crime or its prospect in the future, but merely turn our attention to the consequences of hum... t of my kitchen, even if the other is of the same meat and has been cooked in the same style.” Some o... r adherents physical health and worldly benefits, met with great success; for the multitudes will alwa