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Set / Horus
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passive populace to rule. He requires the peasant mentality of Taurus (Venus ruling and Luna exalted),... ive violence. In contrast, the myths of Horus are filled with detailed accounts of slaughter. Set tradit... tions in this brief study. The examples above are merely a few of the more familiar past expressions. ... es Aquarius, and Uranus is exalted in Set's sign. Mercury, Thoth, is exalted in Aquarius, and one of T
The Book of the Seniors by Benjamin Rowe �1986, 1992
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his right hand in the sign of blessing and asked me to return it. Another flow of force went between us, filling my own aura with a deep violet similar to his ... erring to maintain your independence, he tried to kill you by psychic means under the guise of helping you. This resulted ... ea that suicide is a sin will gradually fade, and men will laugh at the naivete of their ancestors, fearing to kill themselves and get a new body, when they had so m... e. As I absorbed the ranks, there appeared about me a storm-like charge of power, filling out my aura with its force. I could see flashe
The Lotus of the Enochian Temple: Sample Visions, part I
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g. I opened the doors and looked through. Before me I saw a brilliant sun, a light lavender color, filling space around it with an equally-bright corona.... le. When I did this, the astral atmosphere around me immediately became filled with a lemon-yellow color. This was accompanied... the landscape complete. I saw immediately below me a lush, jungle-like area, filled with tropical birds and wildlife. These birds f... me subsided. For a few moments, the beam appeared filled with tiny silver metallic fragments, and then these too disappeared.
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was no purpose to the work other than tourism - I merely wanted to see what was there and record it as... way to use the Tablets for magickal workings. The method involves the transformation of the two-dimens... There is much more to the Enochian magick than a mere collection of elemental energies. Rather, each ... have square bases. Each side adjacent to the base meets it at an angle of forty- five degrees, and the
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central beam of power in that greater temple. It fills me and seems to expand me for a moment. The boat seems caught in an eddy, w... s both. I see some sort of energy coming into the medal; it interweaves with its material, and fills in the hollow backside with a solid, powerful pr... s. (Simultaneously in my descent, the air around me became oppressively humid and filled with many odors, revealing all the stages of pl... , for their lives are too short, their bodies too meager of capacity and time, for my rhythms to be di
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the river. Stone steps lined the bank in front of me, and these steps were filled with people coming down to wash in the holy riv... divine, and beyond it is the blackness of space, filled with stars. The sparks coming through with me waft away on an invisible breeze, transforming in... ready there. "What is it that draws the souls of men upwards, o mage? Do you think it is the Will of ... a single particle within the Earth. It seemed to me that in this state the sparks of Fire were in a f