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The Theogony of Hesiod
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undless, flowering earth spoil the fair fields of men who dwell below, filling them with dust and cruel uproar. (ll. 881-885... ysaor and bare a son who was the strongest of all men, Geryones, whom mighty Heracles killed in sea-girt Erythea for the sake of his shambli... 984-991) And Eos bare to Tithonus brazen-crested Memnon, king of the Ethiopians, and the Lord Emathio... to Iason, shepherd of the people, and bare a son Medeus whom Cheiron the son of Philyra brought up in
Chapter 14. Conditions for Successful Results   @texts:theurgia
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hat remains to be considered, it is high time for me to pass on to the difficulty which you next sugge... plaining by itself how divination is performed by means of the sacred animals, as, for example, by haw... le may be assigned to them of such a character by means of which they may be enabled to hold converse ... nd, however, that the soul that makes use of such methods of divination, not only becomes a hearer of
The Seventh Letter @texts:plato
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st pleasures; nor is it attained if he goes on to kill the men of substance, whom he speaks of as the enemy, an... ld not be entirely blind to the character of such men, but it would perhaps not be surprising if he su... t unaware that his assailants were thoroughly bad men, but he was unaware how high a pitch of infatuat... tory of my second journey to Sicily, it seemed to me essential that an account of it must be given bec
Symposium by Plato @texts:plato
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ege of reclining at your side! For you would have filled me full with a stream of wisdom plenteous and fair; ... d bids the sufferer sleep. This is he who empties men of disaffection and fills them with affection, who makes them to meet together at banquets such as these: in sacrifices, feast... aviour, pilot, comrade, helper; glory of gods and men, leader best and brightest: in whose footsteps l
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ced the soul in the former class; now, taking its membership of the Intellectual for granted, we must ... f-gathered integral, and is "parted among bodies" merely in the sense that bodies, in virtue of their ... d the nature of body it would consist of isolated members each unaware of the conditions of every othe... elf. But, without a dominant unity, continuity is meaningless. The theory that "Impressions reach the
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ide itself: what, then, can we understand by this member of the Supreme filled with Nectar but a Reason-Principle falling from... Realities as they take their common path and here meet and mingle. It resembles those reflecting vessels, filled with water, which are often set against the sun... ut to the reason. In that example, no doubt, the mental representation- though it seems to have a wid... in possession of its own falsity- lacks the very means of manifesting itself, utter void as it is; it
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ions applies also to whatsoever acts, physical or mental, spring from them. We have, therefore, to examine discursive-reason and the ordinary mental action upon objects of sense, and enquire whe... danger. And such desires as are satisfied by the filling or voiding of the body, must be proper to some... ption, Discursive-Reasoning; and all our ordinary mentation are foreign to the Soul: for sensation is