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TOPY is…
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so we will ensure that it flows out. That is thee meaning ov Feedback, a continuity ov expression flow... o redefine and redesign TOPY within themselves to meet their own needs, thee questions still arise: Wh... Individuals with considerable experience ov TOPY methods, others by those who are new to thee Temple.... ght to view thee State as a crutch to lean on, to fill our heads with pre-packaged ideologies that avoid
Thee Black Book
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hee cynical and reactionary hand ov Control. Thee method could not be simpler, and its potency cannot ... s our way, thee Temple will continue to use every means at its disposal to ensure that we are not thwa... ter thee spread ov lies disseminated by thee mass media and thee governments ov Control. And thee grow... have a functional purpose: they serve as a direct means to make what you want to happen more likely to