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(François) Rabelais
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====== (François) Rabelais ====== {{ :sabazius:rabelais.jpg?nolink |François Rabelais}} <TEXT align="center" size="x-large">(François) Rabelais (1494-1553 e.v.) by T. Apiryon\\ Copyright © 1... st writers in the history of Europe. The works of Rabelais are included in Section 2 of the A:. A:. reading
The Order of the Lion and the Order of the Eagle
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verly Randolph]]-- inducted April 1999 e.v. * [[rabelais|François Rabelais]] -- inducted April 2000 e.v. * [[Henry-Klein|Henry Klein]] -- inducted August 2013 e.v. * [[J
Leah Hirsig
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of the French literary genius and early Thelemite François Rabelais. At the Abbey, Hirsig was instrumental in guiding