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PIRATE UTOPIAS @bey:pirate-utopias
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in the air-and by 1640 would emerge into European history with the revolutions in England, then America, then France. Was it just an accident of history that all this should be preceded by the //Republi... / is a contradiction in terms in most theories of history, whether Marxist or otherwise-but the Buccaneers ... t settlements, roamed the forest, along with wild game. //Boucan// or smoke-dried meat (a technique lear
Hakim Bey Talks with users of Public Netbase March 18.1995
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e process of what you are doing is in fact an ego game, that you are working out amongst all the other p... sentence, that this is not a dictate - this is a game. You wanna play the game? Enjoy the game. This is not the Communist party. **X:** > Sure, but you want something critical, so
Part 3
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ve State--the turning of the wheel, the return of history again and again to its highest form: jackboot on ... ry "heaven" ruled by yet one more evil angel. If History IS "Time," as it claims to be, then the uprising ... springs up and out of Time, violates the "law" of History. If the State IS History, as it claims to be, then the insurrection is the forbidden moment, an unforgivab
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culation arose a spiritual practice, the `Witness Game’, which uses Imaginal Yoga to transmute erotic de... -known. Without specific reference to the Witness Game, other poets such as Mahmud Shabistari and Shah N... eedless to say, although the poets of the Witness Game followed the letter of the Shariah and its sexual code, their dangerous game of Sublimation was condemned as rank heresy by su
Irish Soma
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giant of Lochlann. <WRAP indent>"Now this is the history of Sharvan the Surly, of Lochlann. On a certain occasion, a game of hurley was played by the Dedannans against the... orthwards. The Dedannans had for food during the game, and for their journey afterwards, crimson nuts a... 7. Aeschylus, Prometheus 351 8. Pliny, Natural History 7.2.23; Aulus Gellius 9.4.9 9. Theophrastus, How
Interview of Peter Lamborn Wilson
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personality, as well as a longtime student of the history of religion. János Sugár is a media artist, filmm... ings? **PLW:** Well, as I said I come out of the history of religions, specializing in Sophism, esoteric o... be useful, especially since I come at it from the history of religion point of view. **JS:** That's exactl... t, what do you think the relationship between the history of religions and the so-called new media is? **P
Part 2b
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volutionary masochism--stagnant backwater of lost history. Between tragic Past & impossible Future, anarch... endid battle. Now, however, both are relegated to history's trashbin--has-beens, curiosities of a leisurely... hese, and dump the woes of authority & torture in history's garbage bin. Mysticism has something we need--"... For the "cultural critic" nothing matters but the game of identifying yet one more reason for despair, a
Part 2a
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13--old enough to seize back control of one's own history from parents, school, Welfare, TV--Come live with... umers' & Workers' Paradises. Anyone who can read history with both hemispheres of the brain knows that a w... teering wheels of their cars, from their lukewarm game shows & chaste beds, take them all up into heaven... of epistemology--that is, a way of knowing (about history, for example) that utilizes hermeneutic phenomeno
Moorish Tag Day Update
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and honorable lineage for the Black Thorn League. History, after all, is a game. The point is to be knights — not pawns. <WRAP i
Tong Aesthetics
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f analyzing it according to the techniques of the history of spirituality) -- it appealed as much to fascis... e "a work of art" in itself, like all Immediatist game-structures. A legend such as the City of Willows ... as the shaman sings rain, or health, or abundant game from potentiality to actuality. These poems will
Quantum Mechanics & Chaos Theory
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on Neumann, the wizard of cybernetics & strategic game theory, should have been forced to develop a math... calculability of consciousness itself, & of human history. I can foresee Quantum dystopias as easily as Uto... ork of Utopian Science Fiction — at this point in history. Perhaps within a few years it will become the pr
Primitives and Extropians
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ique extents beyond, say, urban civilization (or “History”) into the “prehistoric” realm of art, music, tec... atives. Of course, everyone if free to play this game of utopian poetics with different “rules”, and di... eful purpose served by our “after the Revolution” game is to shed light on our present situation, and ou
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Baltimore may be viewed as the last episode of a history stretching back into Neolithic and even Megalithi... // And for once in our studies, the mists of lost history seem to clear-just a bit-offering us some glimpse... n acted as "fences" piracy was certainly a paying game... As the Royal Navy was practically non-existent
Imagination @bey:radio-sermonettes
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all hunter/gatherer societies quite late in their history (perhaps partly thanks to the gun & horse, techno... ? No, certainly not—for Immediatism wants to be a game, not a political movement, & certainly not a revo
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f numerous speeches recorded in Defoe's //General History of the Pyrates// which hint at the existence of a... lanville, one of Sayer's shipmates, realized the "game was up, made several attempts to commit suicide a