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is complete in two testaments. The Bible is not a history, it is a collection of poems, a book of allegorie... of the ram caught by its horns in a thicket. The history of Abraham is, then, a symbol in the ancient mann... Golden Ass of Apuleius? Poor great men! {33} The history of Isaac is another legend. Rebecca is the type o... ents want to philosophize, they tell a story. The history or legend of Joseph contains, in germ, the whole
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eople is easily dragged away thereby. Such is the history of strange apparitions and popular prodigies. Thu... ls of occultism. You may read in Philostratus the history of the Lamia who trembles on hearing the approach... y inspecting my hand, he told me nearly the whole history of my life.” “He is quite capable of that. But d... the first classification of the whole of natural history. Minerals, vegetables, animals were studied analo
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; VIII, A Quack Painter, IX, 67. * Crowley, The Game of ("Aleister Crowley"), X, 199 * Crowley Pool ... , I, 137 * [[crowley:equinox:i:iv/eqi04037|High History of Good Sir Palamedes, The]] ("Aleister Crowley")... crowley:equinox:i:iv/eqi04037|Palamedes, The High History of Sir]] ("Aleister Crowley"), IV, Supplement *
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A.]] BY VICTOR B. NEUBURG {135 - [[eqi10012|THE GAME OF CROWLEY]] {199} - [[eqi10013|BOO TO BUDDHA]]... IMITED LICENSE Except for notations added to the history of modification, the text on this diskette down t