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Chapter 1: The Boyhood of Aleister Crowley.
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Year of the vulgar era, was born the person whose history is to be recounted. His father was named Edward ... ateur, and though constantly playing never lost a game till I895.//(The first man to beat him was H. E. ... r". He beat his teacher uniformly after the first game. He must have been six or seven years old at this... ot appeal to him. He showed intense repugnance to history, geography, and botany, among others. He could ne
Chapter 7
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ummits of initiation in a tithe of the time which history and experience would lead one to expect, and (e) ... our human brain-structure? For the first time in history, yes! Aiwaz has given us proof: the most importan... ut-door sports, especially mountaineering and big-game shooting. An Adept Major of the A.'.A.'. but wear... 1899.\\ First Mexican climb, 1900.\\ First Big game, 1901.\\ First Himalayan climb, 1902. (Chogo Ri,
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ual week in the summer of 1903, and an exhibition game of magick in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyr... climbing mountains, skating, fishing, hunting big game, fulfilling the duties of a husband; we find him ... | \\ Before we go further into the history of this period we must premise as follows. Fra. P