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Considerations for those who would build variants on Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game
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e wrote: <WRAP indent> Highest culture: the bead game in many categories, embraces music, history, space, *mathematics*. X is now the highest of bead game players, plays the world symphony, varies it acco... 0s. </WRAP> And in his poem "The Last Glass Bead Game Player", he writes of: <WRAP indent> Those hiero... large one, or a small, precedes,\\ And shapes his Game ring with devoted care... </WRAP> How important
A Game Designer's Holy Grail...
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====== A Game Designer's Holy Grail... ====== <TEXT size="large">Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game:</TEXT> <TEXT size="x-large">A Game Designer's Holy Grail...</TEXT> In this piece, I want to lay out the essence of the game genre called Glass Bead Games, and to suggest why
The Play's the Thing
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the world... </WRAP> In the gameplay of the Bead Game -- played at the speed of thought -- all human history and culture is simultaneous. **-- Charles Camero... ==== The Play's the Thing: ===== === an essay on game design -- played on Psyche's Board === {{:hipbon... lays.gif?nolink|The Play's the Thing: an essay on game design -- played on Psyche's Board}} ---- Game and original Board by Charles Cameron <hipbone@earthli
The Bear Madonna Game
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====== The Bear Madonna Game ====== <TEXT size="large">The Bear Madonna Game A game played on Psyche's board, based on the Pythagorean Tetraktys Charles Cameron</TEXT> ----- Th... was my first attempt at writing a Dream Analysis game. I wrote it as a sample game for Walter Logeman'
Here's your invitation to play the HipBone Games
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tan|Totentanz]] is an light-hearted and enjoyable Game I played with my wife, who is a history buff with a slightly morbid sense of humor. Peopl... eheaded (or otherwise impaled or exhumed) in this Game... It is played on the WaterBird board. [[plays|... s the Thing]] shows, we think, how the moves in a game can "build" on one another until an almost three-... ture of ideas appears. This is a fairly scholarly game composed of ten "quotes" about time, written to e
Yeats and Jung
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d Charles Cameron Sphinx Festival X: A TenStones Game</TEXT> ----- **LeGrand Cinq-Mars in Seattle, WA writes:** I am interested in history and philosophy of science (especially life scienc... ones Games in homage to Herman Hesse's Glass Bead Game, and as means of exploring what Gregory Bateson c... t figures of this century, Yeats and Jung, in our Game. We decided to play the TenStones board, since it
Hipbone Games
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s: like a conversation between friends, a HipBone game quickly finds its own level. * [[invite|Invitat... the HipBone Games -- (i) a selection of HipBone **game boards**, (ii) the basic **rules** for competitiv... *. Here you will find our writings about the back-history and future possibilities of computer games... *... is is the book in which he describes the fabulous game known as the "Glass Bead Game" -- describes it cl
The MYSTS of Antiquity
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e Art of Memory, then, has a long and illustrious history... which leads to the development of modern mnemo... ed that it were to be wished that we had the like game too. </WRAP> This quote comes from one of the mo
Hipbone on computer games
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*. Here you will find our writings about the back-history and future possibilities of computer games... --... and renaissance precursors to a classic computer game. In [[GameLama|Games Lamas Play]], I discuss som