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Bagh I Muattar @crowley:bagh-i-muattar
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eek philosophy, I may refer students to Erdmann's History of Philosophy for an adequate and noble discussio... t be less than 4 or 5 feet; under these rules the game is excellent. With a boy it would however be inco... Pi-Nu-Epsilon-Upsilon-Mu-Alpha] have an identical history, the most complete case of metaphysical sophistic... of it -- is a phenomenon unparalleled in the long history of human folly, especially when one considers the
Some Notes on Juniper, Cedar, and Pine Trees; and the Circulatum Minus @eberly
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in heir multiplicity of usage and in their shared history/folklore concerning their properties associated w... sowski De Rola’s masterful iconography The Golden Game. Across the top of the emblem is printed Virtus u... er] I shall live.’ (Per te Vivam).”((//The Golden Game-Alchemical Engravings of the Seventeenth Century/... in this book include cooking with pork, poultry, game, sauerkraut; adding to butter to baste roasting c
Gargoyles @crowley:collected-works:iii
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A FRAGMENT. === ((Intended as the prologue to a history of an initiate in semi-dramatic form.)) //In the... man; only the Fates\\ Rattle the dice at a sombre game,\\ Game without goal of peace or fame.\\ Sinister, sombre, horrors and hates\\ Lurk in the shadows, und... ! == VII. == O piteous lot of humankind\\ Whose history repeats itself!\\ Dinner is cleared by gnome and
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