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The Infinite Game @key23
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====== The Infinite Game ====== by Michael Szul on 2008-02-21 14:43:24\\ tags: david hume, grant morris... ant, james carse, soren kierkegaard, the infinite game, the invisibles An ouroboros is an ancient Egyp... ever-ending, a dance among eternal compliments, a game. Author James Carse instituted an attempt to explain that dance as an infinite, never-ending game that is played merely for the game itself and not
The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw @crowley:libers
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nker of Mr. Shaw's eminence marks an epoch in the history of religion. His preface to "Androcles and the Li... erence Bible was not considered quite playing the game. In this sportsman-like attitude I yet abide. In ... forts of hostile schools. It may be said that the history of philosophy is but the record of alternate hypo... nd madmen, myths misinterpreted, fables taken for history, lies pushed forward by every engine of forgery,
Occulture @key23
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9:40:12 -0500 2008 <WRAP indent> There is a long history of deities contributing to the development of mag... ngs with two of the grosses viral sigils in human history incorporated into the design. $oldie® seemed lik... ame triadic tranformation can be found in nature, history, and culture. In universities, this is taught as ... eate our reality? With that in mind I present the history of current 144 with a focus on the gematria surro
Articles @key23
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efutation of its existence. > > To chronicle its history we must first look ... [[key23:help-us-fix-key-6... and his computer begins ... [[key23:the-infinite-game]] by Michael Szul on 2008-02-21 14:43:24 tags: da... ant, james carse, soren kierkegaard, the infinite game, the invisibles > An ouroboros is an ancient Eg... annel suits desperate for a Budweiser and the big game. You’re… [[key23:subgenius-kooks]] by Reverend I
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Cunning Folk @key23
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ading, I thought I’d give a quick run down of the history and practices of these folk who I was previously ... ver for their practice which was for most of it’s history existed in a legal grey area). They seem to have... mber of these practitioners appeared to be in the game for purely altruistic reasons and some were downr... unning trade was illegal throughout most of their history and the practice of a magical trade meant walking
Myth is Alive and Well in Business @key23
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myth which allows us to establish a place within history for ourselves. It is an internal narrative that d... Without this concept, we cannot properly define a game, for by any static qualifier certain activities w... , experienced around the globe and throughout the history of our species: the need for meaning. The cultish
HUMAN FLESH @information:human-flesh
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Altar, Consciousness (part 3) @key23
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involved with manifest evolution, and throughout history evolving consciousness and breaking the barrier b... Then again, this could all be an elaborate head game; the idea that math requires a theater presuppose