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Outside the Bank’s Routine @crowley:international:xi:11
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name possessed the man? Was he trying to lose the game? The cleek shot lay fully eighty yards behind th... thunder.” “Then let me tell you something of the history of this club!” cried Simon desperately, and he be... t our country to people who know neither law, nor history, nor geography, nor commerce — except in their ow... And why should Fraser give it, if he’s not in the game?” “Ah!” “But I’m dead sure of his voice. On the
The Morals of Europe @crowley:international:xii:1
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n Berlin with a celebrated professor of political history. His name is on everybody’s tongue. He is a man w... are. \\ <typo fv:small-caps>We</typo> play the game to win. We have little of the sportsman’s joy in the game as such. Not for us the subtler victory of courag
Drama Be Damned @crowley:international:xii:4
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whose culture is broad and balanced and rooted in history. Consider Poe, with his half-dozen thorns of geni... the exposure of the King at the beginning of the game so that he may be well placed at its end, was sim