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Book 4
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g" transforming the world of dogs, whereas in the history of mankind this happens with regularity and frequ... ry of a "hereafter" do they share, and yet in the history of their lives we find one identity amid many div... r power? What happened to them in their absence? History will not help us to solve the problem, for history is silent. We have only the accounts given by the men
Book 4, Part II
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orms one of the most hilariously exciting parlour games for the family circle ever invented. Friends and... eloved in our turn. It will be remembered in the History Lection((Liber LXI, the book given to those who w... s strength. The most stable political edifice of history has been that of China, which was founded princip... The most dazzling example of this is shown in the history of the study of Buddhism. The early scholars sim
Chapter XIV Of the Consecrations: With an Account Of the Nature and Nurture Of the Magical Link.
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striking case of an epidemic of this error whose history is familiar to everybody. I refer to Christian Sc... e most powerful that has been made in the world's history, for previous talismans of the same type have bee... man's by expressing them in some such form as the game of chess. One cannot use chessmen against another... n prove your power to constrain him to yield. The game is a device by which you force him to turn down h
Chapter XXI Of Black Magic of the Main Types of the Operations of Magick Art and of the Powers of the Sphinx
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ror!" "Ah!" replies the Knower, with foresight of history, "but that child will become Nero. Hasten to stra... sonment, banishment, death? It is all part of the game in which he is a pawn. "It was necessary for the
Chapter IX Of Silence and Secrecy: And of the Barbarous Names of Evocation.
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ertain events are transpiring in some nebula((The history of the Earth is included in the period of some su... ts Laboratory; all Nature is its Subject; and its Game, free from close seasons and protective restricti