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The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw
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nker of Mr. Shaw's eminence marks an epoch in the history of religion. His preface to "Androcles and the Li... ealth. I could not take the ordinary enjoyment in games. There was this further restriction that it migh... erence Bible was not considered quite playing the game. In this sportsman-like attitude I yet abide. In ... forts of hostile schools. It may be said that the history of philosophy is but the record of alternate hypo
Liber DCCXI Energized Enthusiasm A Note on Theurgy
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words). I think this phenomenon is unique in the history of literature. I may further refer to my second j... te duffer at school in all forms of athletics and games, because I despised them. I held, and still hold
The I Ching
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the marmot guide thee yet;\\ Woo not success; the games’s the game to play.\\ Use power with caution or beware regret! ==== 36 THE MING HEXAGRAM ==== //Yon... frontiers of new disorders. Maintain success; be history’s lessons heeded!\\ Alarmed, be not distracted or
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hat it is at the same time work, exercise, sport, game, pleasure, and all else that may fulfill life. T... was never mentioned. On several occasions in the history of Atlas the Zro “failed.” Although not changed i... travelled South form an astounding chapter in the history of Atlas. It was they who discovered the Magnetic... piracy, with which I shall deal in the chapter on History.   ==== VI ==== ==== OF THE UNDERGROUND GARDEN
Liber XLVI The Key of the Mysteries
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s complete in two testaments. The Bible is not a history, it is a collection of poems, a book of allegorie... of the ram caught by its horns in a thicket. The history of Abraham is, then, a symbol in the ancient mann... olden Ass of Apuleius? Poor great men! {33} The history of Isaac is another legend. Rebecca is the type o... nts want to philosophize, they tell a story. The history or legend of Joseph contains, in germ, the whole
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we knew all about Evolution, and Mathematics, and History? Complex and unscientific studies, mere straws be... xed; third, because after all it's a ripping good game; fourth, because you want to get on, and even to
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ung horse turned out to grass; we cultivate rough games, wild sports, and athletics. The Struldbruggs of... at wealth of ‘spiritual’ force in and acorn! What history, its beginning veiled beyond all search! What pot