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Chapter 69 @crowley:confessions
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ra in //The Waltz Dream//. The poem describes the history of our liaison. I wrote also two short stories. ... widow lady in Paris who could beat him at his own game." {667} I am passionately indignant that the per
Chapter 61 @crowley:confessions
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the assassins. They asked for it! Incidentally, history bears out this view. The greatest horrors in the history of mankind are not due to the ambition of the Nap... gical powers so as to beat your mother at her own game." He had considerable capacity for Magick and un... ives a little lecture on the healthfulness of the game, its virtue to bring out the finest qualities of
Chapter 60 @crowley:confessions
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ied power of expression which has no equal in the history of the language, and an intensity of idea which e... as humanly possible; but it was fighting a losing game. Finally, early in 1909, the doctor threw up the
Chapter 50 @crowley:confessions
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uch importance that the last event in the world's history of importance, even approaching it, was Mohammed'... le. As I have said, I take no interest in natural history and know nothing of it. But this beetle attracte... o resources. She could not play even the simplest game of cards, and of my whole library of three thousa... the fearful pheasant. He could not understand the game laws. Well, I'm a poet; I determined to create sp
Chapter 49 @crowley:confessions
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in it. I have made several attempts to write the history of these few weeks, notably, that section of //[[... from those enjoyed by the rest of man kind. The history of mankind teems with religious teachers. These m... he perversion of his precepts. It is apart of the game. //[[/crowley/libers/lib1|Liber I vel Magi]]// te... There are many magical teachers but in recorded history we have scarcely had a dozen Magi in the technica
THE TANK @crowley:equinox:iii:i
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any intent of disparagement, monsters. Morphy’s games of chess are entirely //sui generis//. He was di... rs, and this, owing to the peculiar nature of the game of chess, resulted in the complete over-turning of the theory of the game. In chess problems, Sam Loyd and W. A. Shinkman d... schoolmaster is of the Norfolk suit donned for a game of golf or a fishing expedition or a trip to Pari
Chapter 45 @crowley:confessions
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to fill this important position. Let her stand in history by the unassuming title of "Red-headed Arabella".... llows: By a glorious act human misery is secured (history of Christianity). Hence, appreciation of the per... y of the play). Hence, attacks on the mystics of history need not cause us to condemn mysticism. Also, th... ughtless, as it might easily have put him off his game, and to get married at the earliest possible mome
Chapter LXXII: Education @crowley:magick-without-tears
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al Language.  For by this thou shalt discover the History of the Structure of thy Mind, that is, its Nature... is a specialized study, with a view to a career; History is too unsystematic and uncertain to be of much u... aph//—from //Mein Kampf//! P.P.P.P.S. There is a game, an improvement on the "Spelling Bee"—I have anti... n my opinion one of the three or four best indoor games for two ever invented.  Here are the rules, in b
The First Chapter @legis:new-comment
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is made open as never before has been done in the history of the planet. ==== I.5 ==== <TEXT align="cente... niverse, and devise new combinations in the Great Game called Seeing Life. In Nature few elements are l... Star glimmered through the haze on the horizon of History, that the Laws of Thought are only expressions of... n of them, and those which are independent of our history. We insist on the sequence of school and college,
The Method of Judging Questions according to Peter de Abano of Padua @caduceus:articles:2:1
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d have changed several times over the tradition’s history. Students of modern Hermetic systems will be fami... eva: Librairie Droz, 1980). * Pennick, Nigel, //Games of the Gods// (York Beach, ME: Weiser, 1989).