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(Johann) Wolfgang von Goethe
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r has created, through an alchemical operation, a Homunculus, a tiny human being encased within a glass vial. Mephistopheles conveys Faust and Homunculus back in time to the "Classical Walpurgis-Night," ... each may seek their desire: Faust his Helena, and Homunculus his incarnation. After a series of encounters with various figures of myth, Homunculus is carried to the sea, where he dashes himself ag
From the Grand Master—1 May 2002 e.v.
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rmist preformation is exemplified by the famous //Homunculus// image, drawn by Nicholas Hartsoecker in 1694, a... tering matrix. Crowley reproduced Hartsoecker's //Homunculus// on the Hermit Trump of the Thoth Tarot Deck. Op