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Chapter I @achad:anatomy
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hich, again, is but the result of restrictions in man himself. Thirdly, that the essence of Order cons... s in Perfect Order; the Soul of the World, and of Man, which is the result of these, is capable of comp... that Order perfectly. But, again, the spirit of Man is perfect, his body is made in the Image and Lik... nd this astigmatism must be corrected. Otherwise, man is under an illusion, self-created, which, howeve
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, than ever a mere visit to a Seer could produce. Man has made a considerable advance on the road to At... to play a much more prominent part than formerly. Man is no longer content to believe what he is told, ... us is something more than the arousing of a mere idle curiosity on our part. It is no less than a desir... y material object, including the physical body of man himself, is but the outward expression of certain
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ds out, you will be shunned as a sinner and a bad man! Have you not found that either you must go again... on for a lifetime of misery." That is absurd, the idle talk of the poet. But AN HOUR OF RAPTURE and a DA... submission because there is so little of the true man left in you to fight? Their very system is based ... s Living Truth, that can now be' used by any True Man, without a feeling of shame, because the words ha
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ose who enter upon this study, actuated by a mere idle curiosity, after having attempted to satisfy it, ... h needs to be eradicated. Fortunately the Soul of man is Plastic and unlike the Hard Crystal Globe, may... God. For the moment we have described the Soul of Man as our Greater Crystalline Sphere. In many cases ... the long run deal with anyone who steals another man's work and calls it his own and then foists it up