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s like the diligent bees, and not to the curious, idle and frivolous, who pass their lives uselessly flu... de a border formed by two interlacing rosaries, a man asleep on a rock whereon grow some languishing ke... useless to inform himself about it. The sleeping man is the subject of the Work. What is this subject?... Without the concourse of the heavens, the work of man is useless. One neither grafts trees, nor does on
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t here the operations are always effectuated by a man and a woman, symbolizing the two natures. The ext... tals. These are the proportions of the product. A man pours a liquid enclosed within a flask onto this ... see in this plate an image of the resurrection of man and of his return to the celestial fatherland, an... the three kingdoms, everything converges towards man, among the minerals all ends in gold. But one can