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Theory of the Tarot
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in the human anatomy give a complete picture of a man. ===== THE EVIDENCE FOR THE INITIATED TRADITION ... history, history well within the memory of living man, which is extremely significant, and will be foun... peared.] The genius who made this possible was a man named Samuel Liddell Mathers. After a time, Frl. ... rth. This division corresponds to the analysis of Man. The number I is his spiritual essence, without q
The Court Cards
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She will "cleave to the little boy and let go the man of age and experience" or the reverse (lines 2 an... sts with profound and ecstatic respect for "every man and every woman" as "a star"-is responsible for t... ness! So too he may be intolerant, prejudiced and idle-principally because it saves trouble. He may furt... . When the card is ill dignified, he is sensual, idle and untruthful. Yet with all this he possesses an