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aware, Striking love's heart and crushing out man's breath: Thy destiny is even as God saith ... e hope, sting all but Love; and never care If man or flower or sparrow perisheth. Thee, I invo... Dinner clangs cheerily from my lady's gong. A man must eat in intervals of song! Swift feet r... l thing is said By the Most High that mocks man's empty breast, As if the grave were mere e
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Of Salmacis,<<1>> <<1. A stream into which a man plunged, and was united, as a Hermaphrodite, with... e accidental discovery of the mine of Potosi by a man who, plucking of a plant, found its roots shining... ry gods design -- if gods be froward I am a man, nor fear to drain the bowl. Now some old de... Where ocean's stormy greeting Fills no man's heart with glee; Where lovers die or se
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ered that these writings represent the ideas of a man of an unconventional mind brought up in conventional surroundings. When he came to man's estate he not unnaturally revolted: and the res... . . . . . 103 THE TRIUMPH OF MAN . . . . . . 105 THE ... ER . . . . . . . 116 MAN'S HOPE . . . . . . .
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the apparent disjointedness. The history of any man who seriously and desperately dares to force a pa... ny disappointments; the bitter earnestness of the man amid the grim humour, or more often sheer cacchin... s often perverted or grotesque, yet to the proper man transparent; a “bait of falsehood to catch the ca... he Adept than the gross mentality of the ordinary man. It may help some of my readers if I say that my
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n tyranny, may seek her sire In the pure soul of Man, her lips may have In the pure waters of her sou... lames bedizen The burning citadle, where crested Man Leaps sword in hand upon the Vatican. Those dir... men dead: -- See, from the Calvary of the Son of Man,<sup>[[jephthah.html#note1|1]]</sup> Where all t... immeasurably splendid: The seal of Brotherhood, man’s miracle: The seal of Peace, and Wisdom heaven-
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nd Cora, do they lie to you, These fancies of my idle hours? Believe, I seem to tremble at my inward t... er!” Looms the shadow of disaster. Every hour a man hath said “That at least is scotched and dead.” ... olerable tragedy Fit for a god to picture, not a man! I see the breaking of the rosary, And Fate’s c... pplause of mortals or of gods, but made To choke man’s spirit in its shade, And make him, in his prid
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Glory and love and work precipitate The end of man’s desire -- so sayeth Fate. Man answers: Love is stronger, work more sure, Glory more fadeless than ... manhood’s glowing prime, These us suffice. Shall man or Fate prevail? {110A} \\ Lo, we are blind, an... e breast we sail. There is a favouring wind; our idle bark Lingers, we raise no silk to meet the gale.