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lap my hands you will raise the arras, but let no man move. And let 'em be silent -- the man I hear I hang. [CAPTAIN "salutes."] You may go. [CAPTAIN "s... OND. SECOND PASSER-BY. Zounds, man! have a care with thy goings. F... the streets are slippery, and the wine cold in a man's belly, and never a little white rabbit of a wom
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HOM I LAMENT "The Kabbalists say that when a man falls in love with a female elemental -- undine, ... pang. I live -- that shames me! I am not a man. Nothing can I to sharpen or to span My... less to my mind, Until I see the destiny of man And span the cruelty that lurks behind I... Or wed her for an hour. (Not for an hour as man, but even as God Whose day is like an aeon.
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We know who pulls the strings. No sage; A man unwashed, the bearded brute! His wife, the mo... ot worth the choice"? You are so pure: I am a man. I will assume the courage tried Of yonde... r girt. XVII. I AM a man. Consider first What we may learn, if but we... of nought, A little laughing lewd gamine, Idle and vicious, void of thought, Easy, impertine
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all of a kind to be intelligible to the ordinary man, so long is Christ rejected, and the Pharisee sup... disciples were poor men. You cannot bribe a rich man with loaves and fishes: only the overfed long fro... to a higher sphere of action: such speculation is idle and impertinent; but the world was ruined, as nev... ceed with the problem: “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?” receive the answer: “By taking