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Chapter 67
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compelled to see it as its natives do. Then every man one meets is an individual. One is no longer rega... ened with bounty, a labyrinth of paths invite the idle to wander as their whim may whisper, from one del... y strut and scream without facing the facts. Each man must match himself, alone as at the hour of death... . Deprived of their ego, the mind and body of the man are somewhat at sea until, as one may say, the "w
Chapter 63
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st be making it up. He could not believe that any man would have the impudence to publish such strings ... d better story than either of the others. A young man full of romantic ideas of honour and purity has a... nd see Him, and live. For when it is said that no man shall look upon His face and live, the emphasis must be on the word "man". It is the privilege of the poet that his life i
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iples. My visit proved eventful. Firstly, I met a man named Sullivan, "a fellow almost damned with a fa... provided, of course, Sylvia wishes it." The poor man was flabbergasted and Sylvia flew into a royal ra... eloping him within three months into a first-rate man. I repeated my invariable epitome, "Every man and every woman is a star." "You, being a man, are ther
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adventures. Mohammed, Luther, Adam Weishaupt, the man we knew as Christian Rosencreutz, and many servan... ., to show how in actual practice a fairly normal man came to attain to be a Master of the Temple. Ever... ver make up his mind to do anything definite. The man had many great qualities, but the dollar-snatchin... ted something for nothing; instead I was the only man to profit --- I gained the knowledge of the aston
Chapter 40
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hat he had always claimed in theory; how easily a man could be pulled out, using only one hand. The man was quite calm; but had given up hope and was commit... o take him on my next expedition, but I liked the man personally so much that I instinctively made ever... ut with his right, though entirely unaided by the man himself. He had made up his mind to die and rathe
Chapter 39
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fear, but on the actual sense of the relations of man and God. I laugh to think of the well-fed, idle and ignorant missionary at Shigar trying to conve... oud possessor of another world's record; the only man who had had malaria at over twenty thousand feet!... etry in these camps. //Better// poetry. Like the man who committed suicide when he learnt that the was... big mountain was to rush it. I knew Collie for a man of science and for a man of sense and experience.
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thus satisfactorily settled, she brought forth a man child and called his name Cecil James Alexander, ... houc. He grew in stature and in favour of God and man, so far as research had hitherto been able to det... their favourite amusements was playing at Magick. Idle and mentally muddled, they were attracted by all ... amed. She might have won the love of a first-rate man, but she preferred to dull the anguish of the con
Chapter 4
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ven unto the West, so is the coming of the Son of Man." He would have to give an account of "every idle word". It was a horrifying thought to him that he
Chapter 44
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admirers. Neglect and poverty, moreover, injure a man's art if they continue for more than a certain number of years. It is best for a man if he begins to taste success in the early fortie... is, G.F.Watts, etc. Robbie Ross once told me of a man who collected fans by Charles Conder. He had twen... in the terms which he would have used to another man. On his return, the lady had recovered her "sex a
Chapter 28
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iatory practices; the while object is to enable a man to free himself from the fetters of desire which ... ikkhus. With rate exceptions, they were ignorant, idle, immoral and dishonest. At Anuradhapura, the sacr... e tutor to his younger sons. This gentleman was a man of charming personality, wide culture and profoun... or the future, and so on, are typical. From this man, Allan learnt a great deal of the theory and prac
Chapter 27
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licate atmosphere heavy with sensuous scents, the idle irresponsible people, purring with placid pleasur... eism with good manners. There broods the old wise man, he who has conquered life without the aid of dea... ate the influence of his vain desolating years of idle luxury and the abortive atonement of his random r... u stop blaspheming?" cried D.D.C.F.; but the holy man only said: "Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Sh