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The Psychology of Hashish
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came to this --- the writer would tell of a young man, a seeker after the Hidden Wisdom, who, in one ci... o cloud even so large as the littlest finger of a man! If only, therefore, I could reduce the necessar... s, it merely exaggerates and distorts the natural man and his mood of the moment." The whole of {38} Lu... have been produced by ten drops upon the average man. Our equation was therefore composed exclusively
Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae sub figurâ VI
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There is little danger that any student, however idle or stupid, will fail to get some result; but ther... aration is as follows: - Since the student is a man surrounded by material objects, if it be his wish... consciousness with that pure portion of it which man calls by the name of some God, let him act thus: