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n has desired to dream; the dream will govern the man. But this dream will be truly the son of its father. The idle man has taxed his ingenuity to introduce artifici... tell yet another anecdote. This time it is not an idle young man who speaks, nor a man of letters. It is a woman; a woman no longer in h... ily assayed without considerable trouble. For the man feels himself so much above material things, or r... trate it! {91}   ==== CHAPTER IV ==== ==== THE MAN-GOD ==== IT is time to leave on one side all thi
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nd beauty that it is difficult to conceive of any man not being a better and a more illumined man for having passed through it. We should like to give it in... lt of the Adepts, wherein that highly illuminated man of God, our Father, Christian Rosenkreutz was bur... e Earth. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Me. I am the Purifi
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tep the normal powers of life and become a strong man amongst strong men, so that "if we say unto this ... u that there is no wonder imagined in the mind of man that man is not capable of performing, there is no miracle of the Imagination, which has been performed by man, the which may not yet again be performed by him.
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agious through the garrison! Repair the trenches! Man the wall! Restore the ruined arsenal! Serve the g... er on majestic wings, Like vultures waiting for a man To drop from the slave-caravan! **MARSYAS**. > ... mouths run seas of blood. Woe be to that accursèd man Of whom they are the iniquities! Swept in their w... ough all that blaze! Memory stumbles Like a blind man for all the rest. Speech, like a crag of limeston