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irs on those illimitable wastes. How minute is a man in such solitudes! Yet how much man means to man! No avalanche, not the very upheaval of the deep-rooted mountains could have held his at... n had broken ere the speck resolved itself into a man. Tall and rugged, his black hair woven into a we
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external reservoir, to extend my connotation of “man” than to invent “God.” However, parsimony apart, ... nd its effects, it was rational to suppose such a man “possessed of a devil”; and the difference betwee... t is the casual or habitual — what Christ called “idle” — use or rather abuse of these forces which cons... orm the miracle of transubstantiation, so can any man, possessing the necessary qualifications, perform
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nt say If somehow knowledge comes man's way." You now see the beginning of his firs... "Not faith but knowledge would lead man, Did he himself but see as can." ... seed of doubt in his mind. "While man trains up the child in way men go, It goes without the saying that man's way In life convention only wil
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er the firm that it publishes a book written by a man who knows his subject? For "Science and the In... e is practical. It does not occur to the average man that science is holy. He does not see that the m... Even where the people have had no God their Great Man was fashioned in the same way. Buddha is only a ... the Flesh and Human Passion. But it is to the Man as Father, not as Lover, she at first yields.
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hese heroes of the Alpine Club do. They hire one man who climbs rocks, another who can cut steps, and ... s as well as in detain becomes a very much better man than the Swiss professional who has nothing to gu... in secret will reward him openly. I speak of the man who goes exclusively with guides; for the guideless man has friends who cannot be bribed to silence. Eve