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er it would be for them. For he was a brusque old man -- how afterwards I met him shall be written in i... vants -- they too most holy! of that holy ancient man might dwell. And my father brought me to the mou... ow my father was wise enough to know that the old man never made a mistake; it was only a question of a... child. So at the risk of his life -- for the old man was brusque! -- he called again and said "Behold
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Child".} === CHAPTER I === IT was said that the man who lived alone on the Inlet shore was mad. He li... et fishermen had rescued one gaunt, white-skinned man from the wreck. He was unconscious, almost lifele... trength and stature he was before long the finest man on the Inlet shores. But his mind had sustained a... genius --- radiant {252} as the morning star -- a man who had leapt into the arena of thought, and stoo