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heard nothing at that time. It reads as follows: Man is bound by but One Law.\\ If he breaks a part of... .\\ While he does not live in unity with It he is Man.\\ While he lives in unity with it he becomes the... yself, have been very careless. Had a talk with a man this morning for about 7 minutes, and forgot all ... rly corrupts the body, so am I unto the spirit of Man. I shall not rest until I have destroyed it utter
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of necessity evil; the natural instinct of every man is to own, and while man remains in this mood, attempts to destroy property must not only be nugatory,... re wisdom and kindness administer it. The average man is not so unreasonable as the demagogue, for his ... al respect and self-respect {229} are born. Every man is in his own way a king, or at least heir to som