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Liber XLVI The Key of the Mysteries
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Master, in one of his parables, condemns only the idle man who buried his treasure from fear of losing it in... he eyes of the vulgar, and becomes what the great man wished. “This is my flesh and this is my blood,” said a Man who had made himself God by his virtues; and eigh... eldest sons of the Church, they cured scrofula. A man who is the fashion can always do miracles when he
The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw
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cidents and genuine sayings in the life of a real man formed part of the structure. The truth was that ... and he adds that "It is the doctrine and not the man that matters". In this case the doctrine should b... an invariable custom to honour any distinguished man by attributing divine parentage to him. It may ha... miracle in the eyes of the vulgar to understand a man at a distance otherwise than by word of mouth. Th
Preface to Androcles and the Lion: On the Prospects of Christianity
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\ Jerusalem and the Mystical Sacrifice\\ Not this Man but Barabbas\\ The Resurrection\\ Date of Matthew... of resolute adherence to the old cry of "Not this man, but Barabbas." Yet it is beginning to look as if... s and churches and political constitutions. "This man" has not been a failure yet; for nobody has ever ... re peculiar to Christ. A doctrine peculiar to one man would be only a craze, unless its comprehension d
John St. John
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wasted talking to Dr. R---, that most interesting man. I don't mean talking; I mean listening. You are a bad, idle good-for-nothing fellow, O.M.! Why not stick to t... try a little longer in the Position of the Hanged Man, although sleep is again attacking me. I am weary... pened. But if I lost consciousness --- a thing no man can be positive about from the nature of things -... l I get it. 12.34. I begin, therefore, in Hanged Man posture, to invoke the Angel, within the Pyramid
The Tao Teh King (Liber CLVII)
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, or utterly puerile absurdities. Even so great a man as Max Muller in his introduction to the Upanisha... at the right time. 3. Also it is the virtue of a man to abide in his place without discontent; thus offendeth he no man. {9} ==== CHAPTER IX ==== THE WAY OF RETICENCE.... begetteth covetousness and disorder. 2. The wise man seeketh therefore to content the actual needs of
Liber LIX Across the Gulf
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er it would be for them. For he was a brusque old man -- how afterwards I met him shall be written in i... vants -- they too most holy! of that holy ancient man might dwell. And my father brought me to the mou... ow my father was wise enough to know that the old man never made a mis- take; it was only a question of... child. so at the risk of his life -- for the old man was brusque! -- he called again and said "Behold
Liber LVIII – Qabalah
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ittle point St Luke unaccountably omitted. When a man is as hungry and weary as was the Prodigal, he is... s not the King himself, the Holy Ruach or mind of man. And as we have seen in our chapter on Yoga, this... d the fifth and the fourth, it gives AISh, Aish = man. If to the two first be joined the two last, they... in Genesis iv, 26: "And Elohim said: Let Us make man." Again (v. 27), who could Adam be made in the im
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heard nothing at that time. It reads as follows: Man is bound by but One Law.\\ If he breaks a part of... .\\ While he does not live in unity with It he is Man.\\ While he lives in unity with it he becomes the... yself, have been very careless. Had a talk with a man this morning for about 7 minutes, and forgot all ... rly corrupts the body, so am I unto the spirit of Man. I shall not rest until I have destroyed it utter
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the limit of the tide. The dead man's tongue was torn away; The dead man's throat was slit across; There f... ncing dragons to the fight With man and sea, with ghoul and gale. W... om his den Whom hunger hunts) the man at need, Sir Palamede the Sarac
Liber DCCXI Energized Enthusiasm A Note on Theurgy
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external reservoir, to extend my connotation of “man” than to invent “God.” However, parsimony apart, ... nd its effects, it was rational to suppose such a man “possessed of a devil”; and the difference betwee... t is the casual or habitual — what Christ called “idle” — use or rather abuse of these forces which cons... orm the miracle of transubstantiation, so can any man, possessing the necessary qualifications, perform
Liber CCXLII Aha!
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ious through the garrison!\\ Repair the trenches! Man the wall!\\ Restore the ruined arsenal!\\ Serve t... on majestic wings,\\ Like vultures waiting for a man\\ To drop from the slave-caravan! ... uths run seas of blood.\\ Woe be to that accurséd man\\ Of whom they are the iniquities!\\ Swept in the... gh all that blaze! Memory stumbles\\ Like a blind man for all the rest.\\ Speech, like a crag of limest
Liber CLXI Concerning the Law of Thelema
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of necessity evil; the natural instinct of every man is to own, and while man remains in this mood, attempts to destroy property must not only be nugatory,... re wisdom and kindness administer it. The average man is not so unreasonable as the demagogue, for his ... mutual respect and self- respect are born. Every man is in his own way a king, or at least heir to som
The Cards of the Tarot
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IR USE "All divination resembles an attempt by a man born blind to obtain sight by getting blind drunk... | LETTER | ATTRIBUTION | | 57. | 0. | The Foolish Man | The Spirit of Αιθηρ | א | Air | | 58. | 1. | T... e Balance | ל | Libra | | 69. | 12. | The Hanged Man | The Spirit of the Mighty Waters | מ | Water | ... siastic if roused. Ill dignified, he is sensual, idle and untruthful. He rules the heavens from above
Thien Tao or The Synagogue of Satan sub figurâ XLI
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n the art of falling down stairs; and the richest man in the country was an ex-butler who, by breaking ... and purposeful vigour of a hypnotized butterfly. "Man is perfect by his identity with the great Tao. Su... ain, by repose for the restless, and toil for the idle, by bull-fights for the humanitarian, and the car... ey shall most carefully abstain from inducing any man to seek the Tao by any other way than that of equ
Liber Pyramidos sub figurâ DCLXXI
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scorn the bridle.\\ I am unchaste, voluptuous and idle.\\ I am a bully & a tyrant crass,\\ I am as dull ... \\ I am not violent & I vaccilate,\\ I am a blind man & esmasculate.\\ I am a raging fire of wrath–no w... l, Asi, hail! Hoor-Apep cries–\\ Now I the Son of Man arise\\ And follow–dead where Asar lies!\\ Lies down in Sign of Hanged Man.\\ I gild my left foot with the Light.\\ I gild m
Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae sub figurâ VI
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