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tter of condolence and farewell. But Isaak was a man of action.  Prompt and stealthy, on the day appoi... <blockquote> === The Smoking Dog === Each act of man is the twist and double of an hare. Love and Dea... re in the sport. This is the Comedy of Pan, that man should think he hunteth, while those hounds hunt him. This is the Tragedy of Man, when facing Love and Death he turns to bay. He
Chapter LIII: "Mother-Love"
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lush of dawn upon the glowing meadows!  The young man who is courting is not idle, either; he serves great nature in yet other ways... put my umbrella!" It is the magical formula of a man to push outwards, of a woman to close upon from w... the Path of the Wise. How nobly opposite is the Man-Formula!  Its freight the wealth of the whole Uni
Chapter XVII: Astral Journey: Example, How to do it, How to Verify your Experience
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hfully one's energies. It will not do to regard "man" as the "final cause" of manifestation. Please do not quote myself against me. <WRAP indent> "Man is so infinitely small,\\ In all these stars, determinate.\\ Maker and master of them all,\\ Man is so infinitely great."((The last stanza of Crow... rious purposes; but these speculations tend to be idle. The important thing is to make contact with bein
Chapter XL: Coincidence
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infidel, not a //true// friend at all.  The young man stiffened.  "It is?" he answered solemnly and emp... hout incident.  While she was coaling, it was the idle habit of some sailors to bait a hook with a large... ntage in the system; it does help the intelligent man to steal a march on his neighbours! In all this
Chapter XLIV: "Serious" Style of A.C., or the Apparent Frivolity of Some of my Remarks
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might stop it.  The withered husks of womanhood, idle, frustrated, spiteful and malignant, called up th... rtance, all manners that do not disclose the real man, are abominations, "Anathema Maranatha"—or any ot... is all wrong to think: "Well, now I'm the holiest man in the world, of course with the exception of Joh
Chapter XXII: How to Learn the Practice of Astrology
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the M.C. is said to cause a spectacular rise in a man's career, ending in an equally notable crash. Exa... All this time, moreover, you have not been wholly idle. You will have been running about like a demented