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eed of less than about a yard a second, so that a man may put his hand upon it if he can restrain the i... lackness. She was reminded of a visit that yonder idle carcass in the cradle had once made to an observa... souls. Had not Simon Iff once said to her: "Every man and every woman is a star"? And even as she under... or pictorial representation of the nature of the man, and of the trend of his life, about him. She cou
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be, the nearer modelled on the divine perfection. Man himself was called a microcosm, a little universe... an changes; all depends upon the influence of the man; and she is now fertile, now barren, according to... rgin Goddess; then Isis-initiatrix, who brings to man all light and purity, and is the link of his anim... from her support; she could not even speak to her man; and she discovered her own position as the mere
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out the rules of the ritual, not speaking to any man except her chosen, not leaving the protection of ... ely it is much the same. Admit that the genius of man is divine, and the question "Which is the cart, a... as by dint of steel. The Black Lodge had not been idle; Brother Onofrio, in charge of the garrison, had ... y when the effects react upon the moral nature of man that this question arises. The Venus de Medici is
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it had been ill enough with her. But the mind of man is a strange instrument. "Satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to do" is a rattling good piece of psycholo... Wisp lures peasants to their oozy doom, so in the idle mind monsters are bred. She began to suffer from ... g slope.      How tenuous is the thread by which man climbs to the stars! What concentration of the su... universe which tends to the homogeneous, is upon man continuously; and becomes constantly more urgent
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theory, she could not deny the effects. It was no idle boast of hers that she had destroyed Madame Blava... oy's just crazy about you; and he's the loveliest man on God's earth. Won't you say one word to him?" ... ke it so hardly, boy!" cried the old mystic. "The man who makes no mistakes makes nothing. But it is my... time back. He was thick with Leopold, but the old man had too much sense to deal. He knew he would be t