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Prologue: The Garden of Eros
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summit of the spasm! CHIRON \\ Ho, shall we sit idle gazing\\ On such beauty spirit-crazing? \\ No, my... in the stream.\\ \_ \_ \_ Boy to girl and maid to man,\\ \_ \_ \_ Mine are all joys of Pan. \\ Chrysis ... hermaphrodite; \\ While the balanced strength of man \\ Bears its witness unto Pan. CHRYSIS \\ Ah, th... Upon the still beauty descends from his tree the man-vulture.)//</TEXT> THE VULTURE\\ Yaugh Waugh !\\
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s the religious expression of the slave-spirit in man. I do not wish to argue that the doctrines of Je... e may be clogged with its own excrement! It is no idle boast of the vermin socialists that their system ... , and no other is genuine. And look at them! to a man — or rather to a Tetragrammaton which is a Temura... that cowardice is the cause of cruelty: the brave man strikes a strenuous blow, and all is over; the co