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The Will Accomplishes Everything, which It Does not Desire
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joy solitude, but he does not fear the society of man; he is a child with children, joyous with the you... al either an offer or a demand. Think you that a man of such a character is not greater than a king, r... of pleasure. Arrived at perfect equilibrium, the man may walk or run without fear of falling. One must... rld. He who interests himself in no one is a dead man who should be forgotten. "If any man will come a
A Discourse on the Third Article
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ause of her unconquerable power\\ > it was not an idle thought.\\ > Something came forth from her\\ > th... d as "the Dwarf-Soul,\\ "the Secret Self of every man,"\\ the spermatazoon or seed of life\\ as a conce... d the duck, and the ass, and the gazelle,\\ > the man, the woman, and the child.\\ > All corpses are sa... ll lonely places are sacred unto me;\\ > when one man gathereth himself together in my name,\\ > there
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magi blithely go\\ past ivory-weaponed ranks that idle, or\\ parade on fields where lightning touches a\... a's heights. This wisdom will prevail. No mortal man or beast can yet defy\\ nostalgia for the ocean.