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The Commentaries of AL Chapter III
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dabra is the Magick Formula of the Aeon, by which man may accomplish the Great Work. This Formula is th... here is 'division', which (as I take it) prevents man from being God. This is a natural and orthodox me... e desert" and the Rabbins incorporated the "bogey man" in their adverse hierarchy.   **4. Choose ye a... troglodytes —but most especially the parasites of man, the Jews—were to be His rite. And it is to be ta
The Commentaries of AL Chapter I
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the assertion of the independent godhead of every man and every woman! Further, as Khabs (see verse 8)... ning: this Book is to reveal the Secret Self of a man, i.e., to initiate him. //(Or of a woman, and ini... rate attempt to do so misleads.)//   **3. Every man and every woman is a star.** ** ** **4. Every n... n number, each number is equal and supreme. Every man and every woman is not only a part of God, but th