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Magic @yeats:ideas-of-good-and-evil
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\\ ==== II ==== Some ten or twelve years ago, a man with whom I have since quarrelled for sound reasons, a very singular man who had given his life to studies other men despi... of garden or park belonging to an eccentric rich man, whose curiosities he arranged and dusted, and he... shed, and the evoker of spirits or his wife saw a man dressed in black with a curious square cap standi
William Blake and his Illustrations to The Divine Comedy @yeats:ideas-of-good-and-evil
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olds upon the hills, are full of obscurity to the man of modern culture; but it is necessary to just to... nd of all the precept of his artistic life. If a man would enter into ‘Noah’s rainbow,’ he has written... painting, poetry and music,’ ‘the three powers in man of conversing with Paradise which the flood “of t... of the Almighty must be drawn out upon it before man or beast can exist.’ He even insisted that ‘colou
The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry @yeats:ideas-of-good-and-evil
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write prose metaphysical essays on the Nature of Man, which would have served to explain much of what ... liberty, because despotism, and perhaps, as ‘the man of virtuous soul commands not nor obeys,’ all aut... the poem cries, ‘is love,’ and can make the rich man kiss its feet, and, like those who followed Chris... ense of the word is out of the reach of civilized man.’ In //Prometheus Unbound// he sees, as in the ec