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The First Chapter @legis:new-comment
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terpretation of the Origin of the Social State in Man". Note "Sax" also as a Rock, or Stone, whence the... the assertion of the independent godhead of every man and every woman! Further, as Khabs (see verse 8)... ning; this Book is to reveal the Secret Self of a man, i.e. to initiate him. ==== I.3 ==== <TEXT align="center" type="danger" size="x-large">Every man and every woman is a star.</TEXT> === The New Co
John St. John @crowley:libers
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wasted talking to Dr. R---, that most interesting man. I don't mean talking; I mean listening. You are a bad, idle good-for-nothing fellow, O.M.! Why not stick to t... try a little longer in the Position of the Hanged Man, although sleep is again attacking me. I am weary... pened. But if I lost consciousness --- a thing no man can be positive about from the nature of things -... l I get it. 12.34. I begin, therefore, in Hanged Man posture, to invoke the Angel, within the Pyramid
Gematria @eidolons
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ifth and the fourth, it gives AISh, <i>Aish</i> = man. If to the two first be joined the two last, they... nesis iv, 26: &ldquo;And Elohim said: Let Us make man.&rdquo; Again (v. 27), who could Adam be made in ... feminine form of god, the Elohim, in whose image man and woman are created, according to the teaching ... he Qabalah, equal before God. Woman is equal with man, and certainly not inferior to him, as it has bee
DIANA OF THE INLET @crowley:equinox:i:vii
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Child".} === CHAPTER I === IT was said that the man who lived alone on the Inlet shore was mad. He li... et fishermen had rescued one gaunt, white-skinned man from the wreck. He was unconscious, almost lifele... trength and stature he was before long the finest man on the Inlet shores. But his mind had sustained a... genius --- radiant {252} as the morning star -- a man who had leapt into the arena of thought, and stoo
Chapter 63 @crowley:confessions
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st be making it up. He could not believe that any man would have the impudence to publish such strings ... d better story than either of the others. A young man full of romantic ideas of honour and purity has a... nd see Him, and live. For when it is said that no man shall look upon His face and live, the emphasis must be on the word "man". It is the privilege of the poet that his life i
Chapter 40 @crowley:confessions
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hat he had always claimed in theory; how easily a man could be pulled out, using only one hand. The man was quite calm; but had given up hope and was commit... o take him on my next expedition, but I liked the man personally so much that I instinctively made ever... ut with his right, though entirely unaided by the man himself. He had made up his mind to die and rathe
Chapter 39 @crowley:confessions
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fear, but on the actual sense of the relations of man and God. I laugh to think of the well-fed, idle and ignorant missionary at Shigar trying to conve... oud possessor of another world's record; the only man who had had malaria at over twenty thousand feet!... etry in these camps. //Better// poetry. Like the man who committed suicide when he learnt that the was... big mountain was to rush it. I knew Collie for a man of science and for a man of sense and experience.
Chapter 44 @crowley:confessions
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admirers. Neglect and poverty, moreover, injure a man's art if they continue for more than a certain number of years. It is best for a man if he begins to taste success in the early fortie... is, G.F.Watts, etc. Robbie Ross once told me of a man who collected fans by Charles Conder. He had twen... in the terms which he would have used to another man. On his return, the lady had recovered her "sex a
Chapter LIII: "Mother-Love" @crowley:magick-without-tears
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lush of dawn upon the glowing meadows!  The young man who is courting is not idle, either; he serves great nature in yet other ways... put my umbrella!" It is the magical formula of a man to push outwards, of a woman to close upon from w... the Path of the Wise. How nobly opposite is the Man-Formula!  Its freight the wealth of the whole Uni
Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae sub figurâ VI @crowley:libers
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There is little danger that any student, however idle or stupid, will fail to get some result; but ther... ration is as follows:\\ 5. Since the student is a man surrounded by material objects, if it be his wish... consciousness with that pure portion of it which man calls by the name of some God, let him act thus:
Chapter XL: Coincidence @crowley:magick-without-tears
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infidel, not a //true// friend at all.  The young man stiffened.  "It is?" he answered solemnly and emp... hout incident.  While she was coaling, it was the idle habit of some sailors to bait a hook with a large... ntage in the system; it does help the intelligent man to steal a march on his neighbours! In all this
Chapter XLIV: "Serious" Style of A.C., or the Apparent Frivolity of Some of my Remarks @crowley:magick-without-tears
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might stop it.  The withered husks of womanhood, idle, frustrated, spiteful and malignant, called up th... rtance, all manners that do not disclose the real man, are abominations, "Anathema Maranatha"—or any ot... is all wrong to think: "Well, now I'm the holiest man in the world, of course with the exception of Joh